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Welcome, My name is Bo Kim


Welcome to Boneh Photography, where I am all about capturing the moment and creating memories that last a lifetime. My name is Bo, and I'm a photographer based in Chicago. I graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a BA in Photography, and I've been pursuing my passion for photography for over 16 years now.

For me, photography is all about capturing the authenticity and natural beauty of each moment. Whether I'm shooting a family portrait, an engagement session, or a wedding, my goal is to create images that are true to life and that tell a story. I believe that every moment is worth capturing, and I love being able to help people preserve their memories and celebrate life's most precious moments through my photography.

In addition to capturing the moment, I also love incorporating fine art and journalism into my photography style. I'm constantly striving to improve my craft and to push myself creatively, and I'm always learning and growing as a photographer. I'm not perfect, and I don't claim to be the best photographer out there, but I'm committed to giving my all to each and every project that I take on.

So whether you're looking for family portraits, engagement photos, wedding photography, or anything in between, I'm here to help you capture your memories and tell your story. Let's create something beautiful together.

Why hire Boneh Photography?

Choosing Boneh Photography ensures that your precious moments are captured with expertise, creativity, and attention to detail. I possess the technical skills and artistic vision to artistically document your special occasions. With my high-quality equipment and post-processing expertise, I deliver stunning, timeless images that become treasured keepsakes. Trust me to preserve your precious memories with artistry and professionalism. Let's create your extraordinary story through imagery together.

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My story

Kim sisters

my sisters

'When we meet, it's always loud, argumentative, and amusing. I've never imagined a world without you two since the moment I was born. Now, although each of us has our own families and we can't meet as often as before, you two still remain my funny and rough-speaking mentors. I want to continue having fun like this even 50 years from now.

-Your little sister Bo

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About me


my Husband

"I've been someone with question marks throughout my life,

Never once finding a definitive answer until I met you...

You, on the other hand, were someone brimming with exclamation points. After meeting you, I found myself placing exclamation marks in my life, one by one. And suddenly, what had been a big question mark in my life—marriage—became an exclamation mark."

My wedding vow to my husband

Photo by Abe : abefernandezfotos.com

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My story


my mini Camera

I recently acquired an old camera, the Canon A530. About 15 to 18 years ago, we all used this compact camera, but nowadays, most of us rely on cell phone cameras. However, I purchased this camera specifically to capture photos with an old-style aesthetic, and it's delivering exactly what I was hoping for!

I love experimenting with the nostalgic feel and the unique noise effect produced by this camera. The colors really stand out and pop in a way that adds character to the photos. Sometimes, I take these photos on the side and send them to clients, and they always appreciate the vintage vibe.

I'm confident that when you receive your photos, you'll experience that same nostalgic feelings of 15 years ago!